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CSpan analysis paper

It's a serious and quiet show. But it was all about mass communication, the whole nation and community serving for the common good and also for informing the people of new ideas, discoveries and political situations.
It is helping the people, but it should be presented in a different way, maybe they should try some approach on how they are to deliver the facts and info that they have. Make the show much entertaining so that they will gain many viewers.
As a non-profit company, which is not provided financially by the government was made to cover up and broadcast of the political process, which voluntarily give access to the people. Their service is for the common good. ...
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The so-called C-Span, or the Cable-Satellite Affairs Network, which is an American cable television network that undergoes broadcasting government and public affairs. It is also made-up of several television channels such as;
C-Span has something to do with American National Government for it also covers the side of political aspects, the current situation of the politics in the country…
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