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Disaster Management System

More often, the damage is so sudden that all precautionary and preventive measures fail. For example, the hurricane that caused the devastation of Smallville, Florida led to a complete revision of the city's disaster management system.
Hence, we define our problem, "there is a need to establish emergency management systems where they are not aligned and strengthen such systems where already applied". After defining the problem we can establish the objective of this essay as "design, develop and ensure successful implementation of a disaster management system which minimizes the probability of destruction caused by a disaster, whether natural or man-made."
It is evident that survival chances after a disaster are widely improved if people, governments, organizations and emergency services have sufficient preparation of essentially required plans and equipments. Such measures are highly dependent on the location and can vary with the kind of disasters that may occur in the area. This give rise to the concept of disaster management which is basically a process of continous planning aimed at prevention.. Disaster management therefore refers to programs and measures designed to prevent, mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from the aftereffects of disasters.
Activities that are designed to reduce the risks of damage caused to public through disaster ...
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Disasters have always been a part of human lives. Ever since the beginning of history mankind has faced numerous disasters as a result of earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, floods, etc. Man-made events like wars, civil disorder and terrorism have also been a reason to cause disasters…
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