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Case Study example - Business Viability Plan

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Case Study
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Business viability plan is the action framework that a potential entrepreneur uses to identify and to validate a business idea. This plan involves analysing a functional process of which the audience can understand easily. It is a decision-weighing model, which provides standard structure for determining the business idea of being feasible…

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Due to the great demand on the services provided by the organisation, it was decided that a feasibility plan is to be conducted so that it can expand in offering of new services. The services should include the market plan, management plan, operations plan, risk management plan and financial plan. The finding is to be used in decision-making.
Dog's dinner incorporation is a non-profit making organisation This Company was established at the end of the year 2004 and it functioned in the provision of non-profession theatre. The organisation has a staff membership of twenty with a basis of non-professional theatre. The company has been successful in the production of several plays. These plays include the four plays and memory water which were produced in 2005 while the production of four plays 2 and Andrew Bovell's play was in 2006.The success were also contributed by the fact that the plays were written by the staff of the company.
The business has grown in that it started in the year 2004 and it is currently having twenty employees. It is seen that the business has grown as seen in the accounting records. The total income as per the year 2006 on June, the income was low at 6067 while on 2007 June was 7356.15.
Dog's dinner incorporation is an organisation that provides theatre entertainment services such as drama and so it ...
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