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Statement of the Research Problem: Today we are living in a security environment which demands precision and accuracy in determining the elements to safeguard the interests of the consumers and societies. In this study an effort is being made to see if the U.S Navy be required to standardize the Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) data on all the aircraft that are in their current inventories


The possibility of future aviation safety is, thus, much related with the understanding of the operational context and quality maintenance. This factor points to the increased role of data regarding operations and quality of the flights. It requires methods for detecting errors and capturing error contexts, as well as methods for reducing errors and mitigating their effects. This study therefore tries to look into;
As with any research project, determining the best methodology to gather data when conducting research is of paramount importance. Inevitably, any discussion of methodology involves a debate over the pros and cons of quantitative analysis versus qualitative analysis. Both types of analysis require data and facts and figures, which can be gathered either through primary sources or secondary sources. Since the nature of this study involves a broader analysis, therefore we'll have to take the help of secondary sources in good measure, for gathering most of the information. ...
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