Hazardous Materials Book Report/Review

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Book Report/Review
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The DOT Emergency Response Guidebook is a very effective tool for analyzing hazardous materials incidents. There is another text available that also provides great information on this subject. Titled Hazardous Materials Incidents and written by Christopher Hawley, this book provides an introduction to what professionals may face when responding to the challenges of hazardous materials exposure, considering everyday incidents as well as possible terrorist incidents.


The book starts out be giving readers an overview of current laws and regulations, as well as how to govern emergency planning and workplace safety. The book also provides very detailed information about personal protective equipment and some of the limitations of this equipment. Some protective actions are also discussed, including decontamination, site management and rescue concepts, product control as well as evidence gathering, and other elements and ideas along these lines. This book can thus help firefighters, as well as police officers, EMS, and industrial responders.
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