Beslan Barricade Incident

Case Study
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The Beslan incident took place on the 1st of September with a high number of the hostages taken by around 30-35 Chechen hostage takers, the government was determined not to negotiate with the terrorists because it was the policy that reigned supreme in the post 9/11 world, the government was blamed for making many serious mistakes right in the middle of a crisis.


When Gorbachev dissolved the communist party and formed the Common Wealth of Independent States (CIS) this gave most of the Soviet Socialists states their independence but the economical relationship still existed. Russia's economy was in a state of total disarray in the mid 90's and the economy almost collapsed in the 1997 when the Russian government had to stop the trading of the rubble on the international market, when the September 11 attacks took place, the United States of America retaliated with attacking Afghanistan and this caused major changes in the world, the oil rich countries received a shock and as if Afghanistan wasn't enough the USA followed it up by attacking Iraq and hence the oil prices rocketed sky high and this is what helped Russia the most because its economy started recuperating on the back of rising oiling prices. This was a major point because Russia is now able to repay debts before time and has since been able to throw around its weight on the political scenario that is quickly developing and evolving into a multi polar stage rather than being just uni-polar with Britain and Russia being the countries that have been able to voice their concerns and also do something to follow up with those voices. ...
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