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Overpopulation on Earth

He leaves a conclusion using this argument: "a planet with relatively few people, each of whom can live with dignity and a high quality of life, is far superior to a world where too many people, awash in pollution, stretch resources to the breaking point, and where billions struggle to survive at mere subsistence levels".
Benjamin Zuckerman creates a topic that is really interesting and timely. His purpose of delivering his theme and thesis make the readers understand very well the situation as well as the main idea of the essay. But unfortunately, Benjamin Zuckerman fails to write his essay in a rhetorical manner. Although he uses some of the metaphorical questions and symbolism as he mentioned angels and pin which represent people and the Earth, still, the theme will be loved only by the topic-lover audience, it will not pass to the standard of good writers and keen readers. The style of the essay reflects the writer being a proletarian even though his viewpoint has a great sense. The topic is effective but he placed it inappropriately. ...
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The essay of Benjamin Zuckerman tackles about overpopulation in our planet Earth. He enumerates certain calculation which he himself does solely. He also discusses some few factors affecting the unnatural population growth as well as possible procedures to house numerous people on Earth when reaching a certain period, which he emphasizes, the year 3400…
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