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Research Paper example - Small Business Plan

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Research Paper
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There are five founding owners who are going to invest 10 000 each for a total owner investment of 50 000. We will apply for a 100 000 loan either privately, or through the The Small Firms Loan Guarantee program1. While this amount and the initial owner investment combined is above the minimum costs required, there are many unforseen circumstances that can happen in the first year of a business's operation…

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By using the online grant selector on: a total of 79 grants were identified. We are estimating that a grant or a combination of grants totaling 10 000 or less than 10% of start up costs would be possible2.
The average cost of a lunch entree will be 10GBP, while the average cost of a dinner entree will be 15GBP. We expect the average lunch drink price to be 2GBP, with more lunch guests having coffee and tea than alcoholic beverages. During dinner we expect the average per person drink order to be 5GBP reflecting that the majority of guests will be having one or more alcoholic beverages. Thus the average per guest lunch ticket will be 12, and the average per guest dinner bill 20.
The busiest month of the year is predicted to be December at 115% of average monthly revenue. The next busiest month will be November, bringing in 110% of the average monthly revenue. January is typically the slowest month (especially after holiday shoppers receive their December credit card statements. As such, we expect only 90% of the monthly revenue in January. February is also slow, but has one of the busiest evenings of the year in Valentines Day, so it will do a healthy 95% of average monthly revenue. Labour and food costs are tied to revenue, and will adjust up and down accordingly.
For the first year we d ...
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