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Are Events Particulars

He also critiques Chilosm's contention that there are recurring events - he gives an example of dropping a saucer in mud one day and doing it again the next. So how does one classify such an event, is a particular event How can we make these discrete events as one, one might talk of same event continuing but then in case of a continuous event recurring after a break, what if the event occurred with separate participants, two persons got married and two others did the same. Will this count as a same event or event sum! Even if one were to allow unrepeatable events, how can one solve the paradox of same event happening more than once, perhaps resumption of the event after a pause might suffice. Only he says if there are particular unrepeatable events than same event can occur on more than one occasions (Donald, essays). Davidson believes that events are particulars, so that same event can be cross referenced from more than representation, further
physical event even though these might be causally related; he classifies mental events as those rationalized by reasoning. This does not mean that correlations do not exist, it is only that such correspondences cannot be rendered in the precise mathematical form outlined by strict laws. ...
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What are events Any thing that has happened can be classified as an event. Events are not only restricted to Philosophy, aligned collateral fields like Psychology, Linguistics all have their respective bearing on interpreting events. The question arises, can we classify events so simplistically or looking at in metaphysical context do we need to reinterpret events - treating them like "facts" and interpreting them in the context of the aligned concepts (Simon Blackburn).
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