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Computer Hardware

Among the many hardware in personal computers the most important part for any PC is the memory part and this includes the RAM, or in other words, the Random access Memory. It is known as the random access memory as the user can access any cell of the memory if the rows and columns to the memory are well known to the user (David, Hennessy, and Ashenden, 2004, p. 33).
RAM is the memory chip that has millions of small and minute integrated elector circuits on the chip and these are the circuits that are composed of transistors as well as capacitors. A memory cell is created in the Dynamic RAM by pairing the transistor and the capacitor. The storage unit of the memory cell is in bytes and it has been calculated that the memory cell has the capacity to store a byte of the data.
During the manufacturing of the RAM memory cells are attached to the Ram in the form of the rows and the columns. The rows in this case are known as wordlines and the columns are known as bitlines. For the working of the Ram a charge is sent through the column which activates the attached transistor within a time period of nano seconds. ...
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There are many physical components of hardware on which a multitude of softwares can be installed so that the machine as personal computers can work properly in order to fulfill the users' needs. In any case PC hardware always has a motherboard on which chipsets are present, and also a processing unit known as the CPU, as well as the memory parts called RAM.
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