Assess critically the English international private law governing the traditional, personal law, concept of domicile.

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There are [] formidable problems surfacing in what is uncharted territory - issues of loyalty, accountability, ideology, and national interest. By definition, a private military company is in Iraq or Bosnia not to pursue US, UN or EU policy but to make money"


And the United Kingdom citizens are not spared from this fact.
In this essay, it is necessary to establish that law in this context is global in nature of which territories or jurisdictions are involved, thereby not limited within the United Kingdom. Although UK private law secures individuals and families, international private law involves any individual citizen of any state or country and other country laws and jurisdiction as well as the individual's country of citizenship or origin.
The United Kingdom Parliament (2004) acknowledges that "Sometimes new laws are needed to ensure that the UK complies with International or European Law. The Human Rights Act 1998 and the Freedom of Information Act 2000 are recent examples of this."
Edwards (2006) pointed out that while "statements cross national boundaries, inevitably problems of international private law are invoked, with difficult questions raised such as what country (or countries) will have jurisdiction to hear any action for damages raised, what country's law should govern the action (the choice of law question) and if a decree is obtained, how can it be enforced if the defender lives out with the jurisdiction of the court" In this case, it has been proposed that "action must be raised in the courts of the domicile of the defender (but) it should also be noted that forum ...
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