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A Solution in Search of a Problem

The essay will show the differences occurring in the affirmative plan and how they have come about.
The purpose of affirmative action is very different from what it is assumed to be. It does not aim to merge varying groups of people in educational institutes and places of work just to create a mixed group. Instead the affirmative action program is set to reduce discrimination and increase the economy of the region. This allows the region to prosper as groups which have been previously marginalized are given an equal standing. This can be applicable not only to various ethnicities but also gender. Women and African Americans are particularly affected by prejudice. If given the right kind of education and professional background, these groups can succeed, socially and economically, enormously. Thus there are two types of concepts working to create equality. Equal employment opportunity law works to get rights of work for all. The affirmative action policy removes social obstacles facing these groups. Thus, while one works to improve the economy, the second ensures that the group has social mobility.
The first factor that has molded affirmative action is the target population. The number of members giving their public opinion has been lessened with variations in their race. ...
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A solution in search of a problem has been written to better understand and solve the problems that arise because of the affirmative action policy in Latin America. It will also discuss the challenges that are faced and learned as each of the challenges is solved…
Author : abernathygiovan

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