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Annie John was written by Jamaica Kincaid, around 1983, and first published in Great Britain in 1985. It is a story about a girl named Annie John, growing up from the age of ten to seventeen. It is told in the first person narrative. This essay will explore why Annie's maturity was the cause of the termination of her close relationship with her mother.


Mrs. John distanced herself from Annie and Annie also became rebellious. The book ends when Annie leaves for England. She also leaves behind her strained relationship with her mother. This essay traces the gradual degradation of their relationship. The incidents chosen for discussion are on Annie's desire to play with the trunk, her carelessness in laying the bedspread, her doing things differently from her mother, her dream, the name-calling, the physical maturity that alienates Annie from her parents and her final parting from her family.
Annie started experiencing the rift in her relationship when her mother distanced herself from Annie. During her early years, Annie had a dependent relationship with her mother. They did many things together and enjoyed spending time together. For example, they used to enjoy looking at the mementos in their trunk which included clothes that Annie wore from her infanthood. When Annie turned twelve years old, her maturity made her mother cease doing this. When she suggested to her mother to look through the trunk, Mrs. John replied in the negative. Annie wrote that; 'A person I did not recognize answered in a voice I did not recognize, "Absolutely not! You and I don't have time for that anymore."' (Kincaid 27). Mrs. ...
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