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Identify Books

Summary: Parr brings his usual exuberantly positive attitude to this paean to reading. Reading makes you feel good because... you can learn how to make pizza, find your favorite animal at the zoo, or make someone feel better when they're sick (by reading Parr's The Feel Better Book of course.) Best of all, you can do it anywhere: in a bathtub, or a bookmobile, or even underwater, if you're an octopus!
Summary: "Hello" and "Good-bye" seem like very ordinary words, but as this book shows, each can be meaningful in many different ways. As the text makes simple comments, small, colorful watercolor and colored pencil illustrations depict some of the many meanings of the words and the many different ways they can be said.
Summary: An all-too-human mouse takes readers on hilarious adventures with numbers and letters in these captivating concept books. In Mouse Letters, he doggedly creates the entire alphabet out of sticks, despite misadventures with a collapsing K and a top-heavy T. ...
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Summary: Harry is a white dog with black spots until he runs away from home to avoid getting a bath. He returns covered with dirt and looking like a black dog with white spots and begs his family to give him a bath so that they will recognize him.
Summary: Short but satisfying, this small story is about a toddler named Anna who just loves her new book: "Again," she says, as soon as Mommy has finished reading it…
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