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Essay example - Career Opportunities Application Form

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In my last position as a team lead/Assistant Supervisor, I supervise a team of (insert number of persons you supervise) (insert position of your subordinates). Under my motivation and encouragement, the team has achieved and even exceeded the key performance indicators…

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Use lots of action-oriented words, such as developing, solving, monitoring, checking, inspecting, controlling, supervising, preparing etc). Furthermore, one of the highlights of my experience would be the evaluation of the current warehouse practices and procedures, as well as the development and implementation of improved warehouse practices and procedures. (describe how you implement the procedures, in which part of the organisation have you implementation taken effect, then describe specifically the objectives met, it is not good enough to say achieve departmental objectives). I am also proficient with WMS, barcode reader, forklifts, word, excel (insert other warehouse systems that you know). (Would be great if you could provide specific examples of working with statistical data and variances, even if you only occasionally use them or so much as to play a tiny role in preparing it. I'm sure you would have helped in the compilation/manual keying of the data when preparing quality assurance reports, even though you are not the one who completes it.) (Provide an incident when you took the initiative to do something). ...
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