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Untying the Knot

Kate, on the other hand, is distant and dishonest. She keeps her money separate from Max's, disagrees privately while feigning agreeableness superficially, and accedes to Max's suggestions without expressing her own preferences or interests. Max seems to be using her to afford a comfortable lifestyle and she appears to be using him as a means of access to New York and corporate mobility. The marriage seems forced, more a tool than a relationship, and neither Max nor Kate comes off as even remotely likeable. The marriage comes off as a competition rather than as a loving relationship

In terms of Max, my immediate reaction is that he wanted a trophy wife. He wanted someone to adorn his arm at parties and to reinforce his apparent lack of self-esteem. The article suggests that he wasn't ever in love with Kate; rather; he was infatuated with an idealized version of Kate which diverged from reality. He strikes me as petty, snotty, and patronizing. These qualities, as I see it, would only be complemented by a woman with similar traits. Kate was more of a common woman, more concerned with career and practical matters than elitist pretensions, and that she tired of Max's contrived routine is hardly surprising. ...
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Untying the Knot
The marriage between Max and Kate strikes me as rather superficial, and perhaps more of a marriage of convenience from its inception rather than a genuine joining of kindred souls. …
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