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HIV Risk-Reduction Intervention

With an average annual per capita gross national product of US$2000, biomedical prevention and treatment methods in Namibia are simply not affordable to most citizens or to the government.
Significance. The study is significant in that in 1996, the Government of Namibia in partnership with UNICEF and the University of Maryland, elected to adapt an adolescent AIDS risk-reduction curriculum that had been successful in the United States. The resulting curriculum, 'My Future is My Choice' (MFMC), included 14 sessions, each 2 hours in length, to be administered over 7 weeks. The MFMC intervention was administered to adolescents throughout Namibia. Before its widespread implementation, the programme was assessed in 1996-1997 through a randomized, controlled longitudinal trial of 515 youths from 10 schools in two of Namibia's 11 districts, Caprivi and Omusati. The primary outcome measures of the intervention were abstinence and condom use. Additional risk behaviors, as well as HIV risk intentions and perceptions, were also assessed. This study reported the results of this evaluation.
Theoretical model. Although no theoretical model is described as used in the study, a conceptual framework can be discerned. ...
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Purpose and background context. The purpose of this study is to evaluate an HIV risk-reduction intervention among Namibian adolescents. The background context has to do with the epidemic of AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa that calls for urgent interventions. With approximately three-quarters of the global burden of HIV, sub-Saharan Africa has many cities where the seroprevalence among young adults exceeds 30%…
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