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Essay example - Testing Web Services

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The introduction of web services on a global scale has greatly affected the area of application development. With the onset of applications that are readily accessible through the internet, special requirements for testing and development are necessary to ensure compatibility and reliability…

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Over the half decade, web services have become widely used in the deployment of web-based applications as they provide the advantage of compatibility with various software platforms. However, due to the platform-independent nature of a client-server network architecture, testing web services can prove to be more difficult and requires approaches that are different from those employed in traditional software testing.
World Wide Web (WWW) services typically involve three components: a web server, a web page, and a web browser. These components work together in delivering information to the end-user. Web pages are written using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) for delivering formatted static content. Dynamic web pages can be constructed with the use of additional scripting using programming languages such as PHP, ASP, C#, or Java. These scripts are typically located in the web server. The last component, the web browser, displays text and multimedia content of web pages to the end-user. Currently, there are a number of web browsers available in the market, the most popular of which are Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome. The main purpose of creating web-based applications is to facilitate data transfer to the server and between servers.
Web services work with various internet protocols and web standards. ...
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