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Essay example - Corporate Social Responsibilty (csr)

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The main idea of corporate social responsibility or CSR is to take up some responsibilities towards the society by the corporate world. In China the corporate communities always hide behind the Chinese government when it comes to fulfil social responsibilities…

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Instead of these hiccups its business as usual for the companies and Chinese government because of the foreign exchange revenue. Since the citizens didn't come under the stakeholders list companies ignored their protests. CSR should always be a part of corporate strategies that shows social responsibilities are as important as profit maximisation.
Practically implementing the above-mentioned tasks are very difficult. The destruction of human rights by both the parties can be complained to the UN that takes some time. The Chinese government can only be requested because it's their internal matter and can only be forced to stop by developed countries like US and Japan or UN. The only approach can be through UN and make the Chinese government realise that production should be done within best interests of their citizens and should impose restrictions that companies like Shell employ CSR activities effectively in the Niger Delta.
Stevina U. Evuleocha. Managing indigenous relations Corporate social responsibility and corporate communication in a new age of activism. Retrieved Feb. 13 from: . (2005).
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