Religion in United States Political System

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The rise οf the Moral Majority immediately prior to the first Reagan presidential campaign and the presidential candidacies οf ordained ministers Pat Robertson and Jesse Jackson directed the media spotlight to the issue οf religion and politics.


These years have been a time οf aggressive Christian politics, as evangelicals entered the political fray seeking to mold public policies that would conform to their own religious convictions. On issues ranging from abortion to prayer in the public schools, evangelicals sought to use the instruments οf the American political system to forward their interests and values. Since their agenda fit snugly with that οf conservative politicians, advocates for "public religion" were generally associated with conservative political causes. During the 1980s the Moral Majority targeted "liberal politicians" for defeat in congressional elections.In the 21st Century we are all taught to believe that the right political systems are those that exist in countries like America, Britain and other parts Europe. We are taught this in the reading οf books and the watching οf television programs from the west. All οf these sources have influenced and changed the way the rest οf the world thinks. It is therefore better to look at each society while it was untouched by the ways οf another. ...
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