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The Influences of British Literature on People Over the Ages - Essay Example

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The influence of British literature on people over the ages is one of great importance, and must be taken carefully into consideration when approaching any form of literary works of the present day. The ways in which this form of literature has influenced us as a society in general is truly astounding…

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The Influences of British Literature on People Over the Ages

"Irish writers have also played an important part in the development of the English-language literature." ("Wikipedia", 2006).
It was in the late medieval period (1200-1500) when the ideals of courtly love began to enter England, which therefore began the writings of the same topic. English drama was especially popular at this time, and one of the most profound dramatic literature writers, who is also in fact considered to be England's first great writer, Geoffrey Chaucer (1340-1400), wrote in Middle English. Chaucer is the author of The Canterbury Tales, which is easily one of the most respected and notorious works of British literature of all time. The Canterbury Tales is a collection of stories, two of which were written in prose, the rest of which were written in verse. Some of the tales are original and some are not, and the themes of the tales vary as well. The characteristics of the general topics range anywhere from courtly love to avarice; with the general genre ideas ranging from romance and Breton lai, to sermon and fabliau. ...
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