Pedro Infante - Mexico's National Treasure

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Pedro Infante has been called the Mexican Elvis and for people all around the world his name brings up the colorful and proud sights and sounds of Mexico. For many people, what has come be known as 'Mexican' is embodied in the spirit, attitude, and persona of Pedro Infante.


He was true to his word, faithful to his acts, and had the unique quality of being able to unite the public into a single image. People of all ages, men, women, boys, and girls were all able to see something in Infante that they indentified closely with. The Mexican persona can be seen in the life of their national hero, in a song of the mariachi, the devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe, or in the endearing singing of the immortal actor Pedro Infante, one of the most famous performers during the Golden era of Mexican cinema in the 1940s and 1950s.
The contrasts in Infante's life are the qualities that allowed him to reach so many people on such a personal level. In his movies, we do not see an actor. We see the real Infante, the poor and the rich, the actor and the pilot, the rebel and the loyal friend. In many ways these qualities were the reflection of Infante's life. Pedro Infante Cruz was born November 17, 1917 in Guamuchil, a small part of Mazatlan in Sinaloa. His early years were marked by poverty and modesty as he watched his parents toil to maintain a humble household. Yet, it was in these surroundings that young Pedro was able to develop a sensitivity for poetry and a timidity that was waiting to erupt as an expression of art ("Pedro Infante" 1). Pedro's early life and family taught him the humility that would later expose itself in his acting roles.
The modest conditions of his hou ...
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