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The Role Of The Federal And Provincial Governments In Compliance With Kyoto Protocol While Increasing Oil Gains In Alberta. - Essay Example

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The Role Of The Federal And Provincial Governments In Compliance With Kyoto Protocol While Increasing Oil Gains In Alberta.

Over the past century, man-made emissions have increased markedly and the vast majority of scientist, in a growing volume of established studies, have concluded that the earth's climate is changing rapidly due to the alarming amount of green house gases released into the atmosphere as a result of human activitiesiv. The gases that are categorized as Green House Gases include: carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, chlorofluorocarbon, hydroflourocarbons and tetraflouromethane. Of these gases, carbon dioxide is the most prevalent and appears to carry the largest chunk of green house gases emitted by human activities. Scientist have demonstrated that these gases accumulate in the atmosphere, and that in large concentrations, they are capable of trapping heat within the earth's surface and in the process, overriding the planet's natural climatic variability resulting in irreversible climatic changev.
This essay therefore intends to look at the problem of green house gas emission as it affects Canada's oil production, especially in the Alberta oil sands. ...
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One issue that has constituted a cause of worry, and thus a rallying point for the world today, is climatic changes as it affects human living conditions on the planet and the grave implications it holds for the futurei. The problem of climate change is a global challenge that goes beyond just environmental issues; it constitutes a major political, economic and social challenge to all nations of the world…
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