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Mobile Marketing/Marketing Through Cell Phones

Unfortunately, the time came but business was slow to respond. Consumer needs and wants have been evolving toward safety, health, and self-actualization concerns without many businessmen noticing this. More and more people are concerned with the nutritiousness of their foods, the flammability of their fabrics, the safety of their automobiles, and the pollution quality of their detergents.
Following King (2008): "M-advertising is a form of mobile commerce (also referred to as m-commerce or mobile e-commerce). In m-commerce, wireless devices such as mobile phones, wireless-enabled handheld computers, vehicle-mounted technologies, and personal message paging devices are used to connect to mobile services. M-commerce applications include m-advertising that is directed at or accessed on consumers' mobile phones, such as advertising sent in text messages to consumers" (229). The logical approach to establishing M-marketing appropriations is to determine the marketing tasks required of advertising, and estimate the resources needed to fulfill them. This task-objective method suggests that business start with an attempt to develop an ideal model, recognizing that the ideal cannot be achieved, that relevant factors must be assessed against imperfect information, and that adequate resources may not be available. ...
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Mobile marketing is a new marketing tool which helps companies to attract large target audiences of consumers. Marketing through cell phones raises different questions and concerns related to its effectiveness and costs, ethical and privacy issues, response rates, etc…
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