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The concept and the basic idea of being able to use the process of Imaging is not a very new one. But yet it seems that the thought of using images for billing and other purposes has completely taken over all organizations that exist, including Canon.
Being, a company that provides Hi-tech products to make processes easier for other organizations and their departments. Canon makes sure that they use the best technology and the smartest billing system both online, and in person for all its customers around the globe.
It is basically aimed at efficient visual storage. Along , with the huge task of being able to recover orders, both purchase and sales. This genre also includes other vital documentations that the organizations need to do while processing bills of their customers at the billing department. These include both the consumers and the corporate clients.
Further more the aim of the billing department is the use of the latest technological resources produced by the company itself like The BP-1000 billing machine, Canon Image RUNNER line, Universal Send providing flawless alteration of paper documents into digital files Canon Image WARE Document Manager Etc.
Also the use of, Canon's high-powered, magneto-optical-disk technology. ...
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The subject of the report is Benchmarking .Wherein Internal Benchmarking and External Benchmarking will specifically be discussed. Furthermore, the purpose of the report on the following pages will be twofold:
Since the purpose of the report is twofold, we will initially be choosing on an organization and then subsequently on one of its processes…
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