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Essay example - Paul Klee "Creative Credo"

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Paul Klee was a Swiss painter, and, to be one of the masters of modern art, his paintings did not belong to a specific style or genre.

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It's already existing as its own being. However, when it's placed in a painting, it's made more visible to the naked eye. It is able to be readily captured more easily than if it were standing on its own. The artist simply brought it "more" to life.

Moreover, Klee does not believe that an object should be contained and not admired. He believes that it should be looked at admiringly and often in several different ways. Klee does not think that a painting starts and ends with just a simple drawing. However, he believes that a measure of thought should be put into the strokes.

He believes that your mind should be focused on your painting because, when your total attention is on the painting, you will be able to notice the details that it needs. As a matter of fact, he favors Anselm Feuerbach, a German artist who believed that artists must have a chair in order to work. Feuerbach thinking is that the chair will rest the artist's legs hence enabling him to better devote his mind to his painting. He believed that time was necessary in order to make great art, and he didn't believe that it should be rushed.

Klee also considers space to be a very important concept when regarding art. He believe that movement was essential to art, on both the artist's and the viewer's part. ...
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