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Caring for the Elderly

As studies emphasize the continued activeness contributes to longevity and health of elderly, there has been significant initiatives to increase their activeness on a personal and community level (Caring for the Elderly). The elderly should not be marginalized, set aside or to be made feel unwanted or uncared for. The motivation is for the elderly to be able to enjoy the longevity that is afforded them by new developments in medical science to the fullest.
Many programs has encouraged many senior citizens to stay active or become active. This has increased their quality of life while at the same has provided essential support among the individuals in their age group (Williams & Garland 379). However, success of the programs has been limited and health departments are turning to private and community groups to improve the situation of more senior citizens. In Northern Ireland, case study programs have been launched to assess the effectiveness of physical development programs for the elderly and the leanings from the programs are to be the basis of programs to be launched in Britain in 2007 (Northern Ireland Social Care Council [NISCC]).
Among the popularized programs that have initiated by the Unite Kingdom's National Health Service include community exercise programs that include Tai Chi and dance. ...
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What does it mean to grow old Before, a person in his sixties was considered in the twilights of his life, people of the same age today still lead active lives (UNPD 12). As I consider the increased number of older citizens over the last half century as seen in Figure 1, there is increased demand for health services both in developed and developing countries…
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