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Essay example - Natural Detoxification Using the Niacin Sauna Program

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Detoxification serves to remove the toxic substances present in the body or suppress its effects. Once it is cleansed of waste products, the system feels rejuvenated and is given a new lease of energy and good health. There are numerous benefits to be had from a good detoxification program…

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According to Page (1998), "They are gentle, non-invasive, and in almost every case, free of many side effects" (p. 114). Niacin - Sauna Therapy is one such program and it is this program which will be researched and analyzed in this paper.
With regard to Niacin-Sauna Therapy, Haas (2004) says "A special detoxification process has been developed to help in the release of chemicals, pesticides, and pharmaceutical drugs" (p. 44). Like any good detoxification program it begins by cleansing noxious elements, rebuilding the loss of nutrients in the process and maintaining a state of good health by fostering good habits pertaining to health and fitness. This program is an intensive program which seeks to flush out the toxins located in fat. It includes a combination of techniques that have detoxifying properties such as a juice diet, exercise, sauna therapy and intake of niacin. "The idea is to cleanse hidden chemicals from fat through juice cleansing, weight loss, niacin therapy, exercise and sweats" (Haas, 2004, p. 44). This is a fledgling program but initial results are encouraging, particularly when followed by individuals who are showing the adverse effects of exposure to pesticides. This process can also be used to wean addictive individuals from drugs (pharmaceutical as well as recreational types), alcohol and nicotine. ...
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