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Critically reflect upon an incident situation when an individual's behaviour has challenged you. - Essay Example

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The Teaching Assistant is faced in a difficult situation with a 17 year old Autistic student(Pupil X) where the entire disturbance begins when X has to operate a vending machine during school hours.X wanted to get a bag of crisps for his lunch and the TA allowed him to leave for this.At first he had difficulties figuring out the nature of the buttons on the machine and the TA was able to see him staring at the vending machine for a long time.Then he punched the glass window and started shouting.This was anomalous as many times before he had normally operated the machine for crisps.It was dark in the alley so it was suggested by the TA that he should turn the lights on.At this point X moved a…

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Critically reflect upon an incident situation when an individual's behaviour has challenged you.

When the TA and the helping assistant managed to reach the spot where X was throwing a tantrum as he literally wrestled with the buttons he paused for two minutes as the helping assistant asked him to stop in a loud but firm voice.
The Child hit the helping assistant and the TA was also pushed away when there were attempts to pacify X by holding his shoulders.It could be seen that he was responding negatively to any attempts to be stopped from his disorderly behaviour.When we tried to stop him he ran off into the hall way and it took a long time to chase him down as he disrupted other class activity.Finally he started kicking the Vending machine again.It was a very emotionally charged moment as he dealt the TA with a punch ...
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