Ideas That Have Harmed Mankind - Book Report/Review Example

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Ideas That Have Harmed Mankind

The author is thoroughly convinced that the latter has become very popular and human beings have found a new found love in inflicting pain upon others. These days we are the ones responsible for triggering the aftermath of natural disasters too, we cut trees and as an inevitable result of the same we end up causing soil erosion and famine, so the author is convinced that we are heading towards self destruction. The author firmly believes that we have developed a fetish for evil passions and we enjoy inflicting pain on others, he gives numerous examples of the same in the essay. A classic example of the same is when the author mentions the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings that took place during the Second World War; the Americans bombed Japan in order to prove their supremacy and in order to dominate Japan in every way possible.
"A dog, a wife, and a walnut tree, The more you beat them the better they be." (Ideas that have harmed Mankind). This is arguably the most popular line of the essay and it goes to show the mentality of the modern day people, it shows we take fellow human beings for granted and we enjoy inflicting as much pain as possible on them. ...
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Ideas that have harmed mankind, was written by Bertrand Russell and the essay expansively presents the reality, the reality that is bitter and difficult to take into stride. The essay has been classified and placed under a collection of unpopular essays; it goes to show how human beings have changed for worse and how they have started inflicting pain on fellow human beings…
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