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Death Syndrome

Among such conditions is what is generally termed as the sudden death syndrome (SDS). This notion pertains to a bunch of different medical cases that may be associated with various causes. What is important, though, is that to SDS are susceptible young people who have previously manifested no visible disturbing symptoms that would suggest that such incidents might happen. In this regard, it is perhaps the most important task for the medical establishment to target the younger part of the general public in order to inform it about the risks associated with SDS. More specifically, drinking, as one of the most prevalent types of harmful behavior in young adults that may be linked with SDS, should be specifically addressed with the hope to decrease the teenage abuse of alcohol. Let us take a look at what forms SDS may take, and try to see why the investigation of the linkage between SDS and teenage drinking is important to researchers.
As we have mentioned, SDS is the term that may be used to cover a wide range of incidents of unexpected non-traumatic and non-violent deaths due to natural causes. ...
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Amid the pressing and widely discussed social problems generated by such notorious diseases as cancer, AIDS, new epidemics like SARS or avian influenza, many of less visible health problems that endanger lives of people may remain largely unnoticed by the public…
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