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informative speech on poverty in africa - Other types Example

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Africa is the second largest continent on the surface of earth with a total population of about 885 million with 30,221,532 squareKms. More than 70 % population in Africa lives in the rural areas. This includes the sub-Saharan region More than 70 % population in Africa lives in the rural areas…

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informative speech on poverty in africa

Historically Africa has always been a fertile area and remained rich in mineral deposits. After 1000 AD a number of small African states emerged with eccentric cultural settings (Davison 1966). This period is referred to as the 'late iron age.' Towards the east, the grassland zone emerged as rich in cattle, and gold. In this period an elaborate form of pottery was made. By the 13th century a Great Zimbabwe emerged. In the next three thousand years long distance trade with the word emerged. River Nile (6695 kms long) gave a bounteous opportunity to the millions of African people to build great societies like the Egyptian, Kushite and Meiotic. Africa is the unique region where music, dance, literature, religions, forests and fauna and flora have not only survived almost unblemished but also flourished in consistency and entirety. The world's oldest cultural heritage is preserved in Egypt
Today more than 70 % population in Africa lives in the rural areas. This includes the sub-Saharan region. The main agricultural produce and exports of Africa are cassava, banana, cocoa, coffee, tea, rubber, maize and textile. Forest and forest products have also been a main source of livelihood for the African people.
The mineral wealth is unprecedented in Africa. ...
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