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Amazon past, today and how they got there - Case Study Example

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Amazon's competitors are those enterprises that deal in selling products similar to those sold by The competitors are deal mainly in music CDs, books, DVDs, and in the entertainment and retail industry such as software, games, electronics, furniture, apparel, toys, kitchen equipment, food, baby products, musical instruments, beauty products and other tools…

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Amazon past, today and how they got there

Their feeling is aroused by the opinion that the price quoted for the products includes the price of purchase, the cost of doing a search, as well as the cost incurred in undertaking a disappointing purchase.
Additionally, offers customers a number of incentives such free shipping of the purchased products and discounts on selected products. also offers free gifts on purchases made from products made by particular merchants (""). These offers are only attractive but also save a customer the agony of searching fro goods from Amazon's competitors (""). For instance, in the years 2002, the customers who spent $50 or more on clothing got a $30 gift for use anywhere on (Hayes 2002). created most of its technology because the system had to be customized to meet the company's requirements. The strategy used was meant to suit user experience and thus put Amazon's competitors on the defensive. ...
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