USA and Middle East relationship concerning Guantanamo

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USA and Middle East relationship concerning Guantanamo
But of late it has been deteriorating based on many factors. The relationship between the two countries began to take a noose dive after the Second World War when the State of Israel was created.


Since the rebellion from the gulf region on the creation of Israel, there have been a number of incidences that have reflected anti-Americanism in the region. The relationship between the two turned from bad to worst during the gulf war and the subsequent September 11 attack. What followed was clear evidence that the attack has been perpetrated by terrorist from Middle East. The US then declared the war on terror and the there were series of attack on Afghanistan to drive away the Taliban's who had occupied the region. Apparently this worsened the anti American sentiments coming from the Middle East region. The war on terror was then taken to Iraq in a bid to topple over the Sadam dictatorial regime and plant it with a democratic regime. This saw a deteriorating relationship between the two nations.

But the war on terror was not only fought in Afghanistan alone. There were various operations in the world including in Somalia, Sudan, the Middle East region, and on the American soil that was aimed at eliminating the terrorists in the world. However there was one difficulty that was being faced by the US government and it allies on the war on terror. There was no nation that could host the terror suspects and therefore the Guatanamo bay was opened. Guatanamo has been used as a centre for interrogation of terror suspects arrested in the world. ...
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