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Case Study example - Care Delivery and Care Management in Nursing

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Case Study
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Introduction: This is an account of nursing care for Mr. John Smith applying nursing process. Mr. John Smith is a pseudonym, and his identity will remain undisclosed. This patient is a 74-year-old resident in a nursing home. He is a patient with confusion and memory impairment…

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(Kurtzman and Corrigan, 2007, 20-36). This patient, Mr. John Smith has mental disability.
Maintenance of Safe Environment: The nurse plans therapeutic interventions for clients with actual or potential risks for safety based on the nursing assessment of the risks and a development of a care plan for the specific client through a process called nursing process (Scott-Cawiezell and Vogelsmeier, 2006, p. 179-215).
Nursing Process: The Roper et al. model for nursing offers a framework where during care, the nurse is able to ensure that his individuality is taken adequate care of and provided due weightage. The Roper-Logan-Tierney model recommends a problem-solving approach in the nursing process (Roper, Logan, and Tierney, 1983, 17-19). Deriving from this, nursing process can be defined as a systematic approach to planning and delivering nursing care. This process comprises of four main stages, namely, assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation. After the problem is determined, the nurse can then assess the needs of the patient. Depending on the needs, a plan of care is developed, depending on which the nurse can determine nursing goals. Once the goal is set, the chosen nursing care strategies can then be implemented, after which, it is also important to evaluate the care process, since any gap can be rectified through evaluation (Roper, Logan, and Tierney, 1983, 17-19).
Assessment: Assessment is a cyclica ...
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