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Cell Biology Test

It is apparent that the plant, even though currently robust and healthy, contains recessive genes responsible for the defective chloroplasts. These recessive genes were passed on to the next generation and became dominant with some of the offspring .
3. You have grown a culture of human cells and discover that it is heavily contaminated with bacteria. Which TWO of the following procedures will most likely eliminate the bacteria without killing the human cells
Of the two choices, treating the culture with a drug that damages bacterial ribosome is more likely to also damage human cells. It should be noted that like bacteria, human cells also contains ribosomes. If the drug used caused accumulated in the human cells' cytoplasm, it can also possibly stop protein synthesis. ...
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2. You fertilize egg cells from a healthy plant with pollen (which contains the male germ cells) that has been treated with DNA-damaging agents. You find that some of the offspring have defective chloroplasts, and that this characteristic can be passed on to future generations…
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