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Essay example - Ethics and Organizational Culture

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Ethical behavior can be defined as the the behavior that is morally good or right. This is the exact opposite of the bad or wrong behavior. Clearly, the utilitarian view is one way of influencing organizational culture. Undoubtedly, the branch would be forced to compete with the New York competitors to win a large portion of the company's market segment…

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Definitely, the moral -rights view is another way of influencing organizational culture. Evidently, the employee can now resign from the organization if her request that she not report for work on Saturdays will not be granted.
Ethical behavior can be defined as the the behavior that is morally good or right. This is the exact opposite of the bad or wrong behavior. Some ethical questions include: Is ti ethical to withhold information that might discourage a job candidate from joining your organization, is it ethical to ask someone to take a job you know will not be good his or her career progress. The list of ethical questions goes on. The bottom line here is that the American public is increasingly demanding that government office organizations, organizational managers, organizational workers, as well as the organizations they represent all act in accordance with high ethical and moral standards. And, "a clear picture of the ethical similarities and differences between women and men still eludes us here as well"(Ambrose & Schminke, 1999, p. 454). The following paragraphs will clearly explain five was ethics have influenced organizational culture.
There are many ways that ethics have influenced organizational culture. First, the utilitarian view is one way of influencing organizational culture. ...
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