Alternative Water Resources for Cress Growth.

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Alternative Water Resources for Cress Growth.
The aim of this study was to identify possible sources of alternative water available on the campus. The information revealed from the gardener showed that 20 hectares of land was watered per day


If 1 hectare= 100,000 m^2, then 20 hectares was equivalent to 200,000 m^2.
Hence, study was conducted by growing and observing the growth of cress seeds to identify and utilize the water source to irrigate the school grounds as an answer to conserve resource and energy targeting global warming issues.
The cress growth in terms of number recorded maximum in fountain water and minimum in la combe water samples. In terms of height, the growth pattern was more in tap water and least in la combe shower water. The recordings are tabulated as in the following order

The growth of cress in fountain water was more probable due to the presence of extra nitrogenous nutrients that aids in luxurious growth. The presence of enzymes in washing powder of laundry water also facilitated nitrogen acting as building blocks for the plant growth. The pool water with less chlorine content facilitated the growth as well. The more concentration of degreasing agents and chemicals in other samples such as la combe shower and Rosey kitchen water inhibited the plant growth and probably resulted in the death of the plant.
Tap water act as better medium for the growth of the cress seeds as its neutral pH provides optimum growing environment. ...
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