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Environmental Strategies of the United States

military to focus "more on readiness and on military training and operations" (Green, 1999). Recent literature supports the fact that most conservation and prevention programs in the U.S. are voluntary and consist of "near-term opportunities (voluntary and partnerships) to conserve fossil fuel, recover methane, and sequester carbon" (EPA, 2007).
Social systems in the United States provide much in the way of educating society about the effects of global warming. But, despite knowing the consequences of behaviors American's have done little to change their behaviors when it comes to conservation and global warming. One major pollutant that is causing global warming is emissions from industries and automobiles. Despite knowing that these emissions harm the environment American's still drive their automobiles with no passengers (no car pooling) because they are not willing to give up the freedom to travel when and where they want at any time. Industries barter for emissions allowances through a system that "sets limits on emissions and then allows companies to buy and sell emissions credits."(Martin, B-1). This allows the states to set emissions caps but allows heavy polluters the opportunity to buy credits rather than reduce emissions. But, the ability to sell credits not used awards industries that cut emissions.
Citizen behav ...
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Considering each of the four dimensions of environmental politics my topic is going to be worse than I would expect based on the course themes/cases that we have looked throughout the semester. The United States has reacted politically to the threat of global warming by changing policies that effect how the United States responds to this threat…
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