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Security Planning and Assessment

The management of Information Security Risks and to implement various methodologies to mitigate the security risks is a growing challenge in the filed of Information technology. The battle is on for finding out the efficient ways and design methodologies that can analyze the security risks and implement the appropriate mitigation solutions. As, every event or technique has various technologies involved that speed up the business processes there are also prone to increase risks of computer intrusion, fraud, disruption and many more.
A successful organization not only relies on finding innovative solutions or products but also on the effective implementation of those solutions. Here, technology plays a major role as these technological developments can make the implementations simpler, providing a wide range of choice. But the question arises so as to which is the right choice This can only be answered by thorough research on the cost, stability and reliability of the technology to be used (WALSHAM, 1993). The Information System of the firm should be able to process this task by taking the external (technology functionality) and internal (business environment) entities into account. Thus, the understanding and integration of technological innovations plays a key role in the modeling of any Information System to support the business goals and strategies. ...
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Information Technology is evolving at a fast pace. Information technology has set new trends in the generation of computers. This Trend has imbibed various technologies that improvise the life style and business aspects of every individual in accordance with technology…
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