Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer

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In the world famous novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, the novelist presents Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer as two young boys growing up in the 'Pre-war South'. Although they are good friends, Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer have different qualities and personalities in the novel and, more importantly, they are products of different environments.


All through these journeys, Huck Finn is in contact with different places where he meets various characters of the novel. In one of the several travels he undertakes, Huck meets Tom Sawyer who is Huck's friend but has different qualities in comparison with Huck. To exemplify the difference between the two, Tom is a true romantic, who blindly takes everything he hears and reads as truths and he "wouldn't stand by and see the rules broke - because right is right and wrong is wrong" (Twain, 315) In contrast, Huck questions the world around him and we find him sitting "down one time in the back of the woods and had a long think about it (organized religion and the purpose of prayer)." (Twain, 17) Therefore, it is essential to realize that, although Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn are best friends in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, they are about as different as two people can be and they are products of their environment.
A comparative analysis of the specific environment of their upbringing suggests that Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn are products of their environment and they have considerable differences between them. After the death of his father, Huck takes care of himself most of the time and this experience has a great influence on his personality. ...
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