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Book Report/Review example - The Cause of the Doom of the Phoenix-Durango

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Book Report/Review
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The fact that the majority is invariably wrong on any point distinguished by the slightest element of doubt or controversy, or on any issue which demands the power of serious discrimination, should not really surprise the discerning. Anyone who takes for granted the premise that on such points the majority is always right must realize that s/he has entered the garden path of destruction-of self and others…

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This may have been because he realized the transience of such victories over the intransigent majority of looters that populated his world. The reason he gives-somewhat unconvincingly-is that he wishes to believe that the majority is right. Ayn Rand apparently wished to acquaint the reader quite early on in the novel with the destructive consequences of giving the majority the sanction and the weapon to deal a death-blow to the creative, productive, proactive individual. This was perhaps essential for the full comprehension of the difference in Dagny Taggart's, Hank Rearden's, Francisco d'Anconia's or John Galt's response to similar opposition,
The history of the United States of America, the history of many other democratic nations, indeed, the history of the world cannot be read or understood without paying tribute to the majority who came together to win victories for the common good. This is an incontrovertible fact and Ayn Rand does not intend to contradict it. What she invites the reader to remember, however, is that the majority who came together for the common good were also, and perhaps as strongly, influenced by thought of personal good too. ...
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