persuasion paper on the church. Set forth your opion regarding the church idenentity(what the church isshouldbe)and purpose(what the church rolefinctionissho

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Material and spiritual aspects interlace to compose human life - a life created, according to the Christian belief, by God, who made man as a being that resembles Himself, that bears his characteristics. Duality is a term often used to describe human nature.


Based on principles like love and sacrifice, the Church is an institution that deals with the transcendent and the concept of salvation - salvation of the human soul, which can only be achieved by believing and growing spiritually. Church, as the only institution whose fundamental preoccupation is man's relationship with God, should constitute itself in a center of spirituality. The task of the church becomes, thus, very important. It has to get man close to God and make him aware of the fact that there is also another way of life besides the material one. In a continuously changing society, a society that develops in various directions, the individual has a large number of choices and is subject to a wide range of influences. And this makes it difficult for him to find the right path and to make the correct choice.
Duality raises tensions in man. He is a god-like but also finite being, composed of eternal but also ephemeral elements. And in order to find equilibrium, he has to balance the antitheses within himself, to make peace and to find peace. It's here that the church should show its presence, in helping the individual find the source of the tensions within himself and in guiding him in their understanding.
Church cannot show man what exactly he must do with or in his li ...
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