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Criminology: legalizing prostitution - Essay Example

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Since the dawn of human civilizations breaking society's norms and breaching the set limits for living among other humans has been extremely complicated situation to deal with. This is widely known as 'crime' throughout the ages and in essence crimes are deemed punishable by the head of societies or by the governments at large…

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Criminology: legalizing prostitution

In 1939 Edwin Sutherland conceived the term 'White Collar Crime' during a speech to American Sociological Society which was further defined in detail as "crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation" (White Collar Crime). White collar crimes are commissioned both at public and private level. The complexity involved in these crimes is about their non-violent nature, highly complicated and counterfeit transaction activity. These components make such crimes apparently less vulnerable and unidentifiable, because criminals exploit their authority and corporate status for pursing financial gains.
Prostitution can be defined as one's involvement (mostly women) into sexual activity in exchange of money. Such occupation can be legal or illegal depending upon the location of this activity. People who choose prostitution, more or less like self-employment, are known as prostitutes or sex workers.
The prostitution is widely claimed to be an oldest profession though of evil core, but it has been found uncertain due to insufficient sources. But the origins of prostitution can be traced back to 4000 B.C. (Clarkson). It is referred in Biblical era (one of the oldest written records), in some eastern countries it had a sacred status during Babylon domination.
Prostitution is believed as soc ...
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