Grammatical information from the Lexicon is fundamental to sentence syntax

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As part of the process of comprehending speech or text, the language system lexicon must achieve two important goals. First, the recognition of the individual and the meaning that they convey and second, the linking of these words to form phrases which convey further combinatory meaning.


These assumptions might also change what is thought to be involved in lexical and phrasal processing. As we discuss below, these assumptions imply a notion of lexical processing that bears considerably more responsibility for the combinatory analysis of language.
Psycholinguistics has not been alone in this focus on the lexical aspects of combinatory process. Syntactic theory has increasingly moved detailed combinatory information into the lexicon, where individual lexical items are associated directly with their syntactic combinatory options. The field of applied parsing in computational linguistics has also seen a shift toward lexicalization. Many have recognized the effectiveness of coding these syntactic options as tendencies. In doing so, statistical natural language processing systems have begun to be able to recover the grammatical structure of novel sentences with astonishing accuracy.
These movements in linguistics and computational linguistics touch on many of the same issues that have given rise to the development of constraint based lexicalist theories of parsing in psycholinguistics. ...
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