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Article example - New Public Management (NPM) as a framework for the comparative analysis of public administration

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The aim of this work is to present a summary of the article by Christopher Pollitt (2001) Titled "Public Management Convergence: The Useful Myth" and Chapter 14 of the Book by Hughes O. E. (2003) titled "Public Management and Administration. An Introduction"…

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Having said this the study will now move on to summarise Pollitt (2001).
Pollitt (2001) begins by stating that the thesis that there is an inevitable and global convergence towards a particular, new style of public management. He notes that despite the evolving literature in support of diversity, some politicians, academics and civil servants continue to preach convergence. He suggests that to better understand this controversial issue, it is necessary to tackle the problem from different perspectives. He states a series of angles that can be compared to see if there is convergence. They include debate, reform decisions, actual practice or results.
Pollitt (2001) begins his introduction by reviewing some literature on the convergence towards the "New Public Management"/"Reinventing government" styles of public management reform. According to Pollitt (2001) most of the studies are in favour of divergence and not convergence. These studies include (Flynn and Strehl, 1996; Kickert 1997; Olsen and Peters, 1996; Pollitt and Bouckaert, 2000; Pollitt and Summa 1997; Premfors 1998; Wollman, 1997). ...
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