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Compulsory Radar Basics Seminar

The new radar technology known as Same Direction Radar or SDR was put into place long AFTER rule 15B was approved and implemented on the roads of Florida. There has been many complaints from traffic enforcers in Florida that have been operating under the old laws and also under the old training techniques. Both of these situations are now inappropriate with the new radar technology. Florida has now purchased new radar speed measuring equipments thereby new radar related speed measuring laws have to be put into place.
In the famous State of Florida v. Aquilera in 1979 known widely as the Miami Radar Trial, the local television reporter showed a house had reached 28 mph and a tree reached 86 mph, the radar was less than accurate. This Dade County Court sustained a Motion to Suppress the results of radar units in mover than 79 speeding ticket cases. The court's opined that the reliability of radar speed measuring devices has not been proven reliable beyond reasonable doubt and it did not meet test of reasonable scientific certainty. We will discuss around 20 Florida speed violation cases during the seminar in order to help you in court appearances.
We will also discuss the Florida laws on speed limits as the Florida law 3 ...
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Due to the increase in the complaints regarding violations of the speed limits( Raymond, 2002), we have purchased a radar and will hold a compulsory seminar in Tampa bay police station on October 15, 2006.
The Legislature of our Florida State has enacted during the year 1993 the authorization for the law enforcement department to use laser speed measuring devices to track if a motor vehicle is violating the speed (McDonald, 2005) limits mandated by our law here…
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