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Indian Family

Here, it is clear that regardless of who will ultimately dominate the seed (which here is the child) the field is the mother and the father, being the tender of the field owns the wife. The wife is his field to do with as he see fit but he must always remember that the seed will only be as good as the field has been tended. The field not only refers to the woman but to her womb. The womb, like a field is where something is harvested. Meaning, on a field, vegetables and grains are harvested and in a womb, a child is harvested. The child is the seed in the womb of a mother and ultimately takes great priority over the womb, meaning the mother. Ultimately it is clear that the wife and mother rank lowest. Indeed, it is women who rank lowest in the system of life and ironically they are the givers of it. Women are viewed as vacant fields waiting to be planted by their owner/husbands.
When there is a relationship between the husband and wife without infidelity, the seed (or child) will be at its' best. Thus it is somewhat difficult to see how the womb or seed would win where there is obviously no contest between the two. It is apparent that the seed, or the man wins every time and that this is not to be seen as the weakness of a woman but rather her glory. ...
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Cultures, for the most part differ vastly in what specifically defines the ideal and proper gender roles for men and women. For instance, in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, the highly regarded mores of honor, shame and purdah dominate and therefore control of the sexuality of a woman is therefore a major issue…
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