Emotionl litercy interventions in the prevention of bullying within the pstorl system of school - Essay Example

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Emotionl litercy interventions in the prevention of bullying within the pstorl system of school

Bullying is now recognized s common form of victimiztion on British school cmpuses nd significnt school sfety problem (Nnsel et l., 2001). This pper provides thoughtful conceptul nd prcticl informtion for school psychologists, who cn ply centrl role in the schools' response to this growing concern bout school bullying t pstorl clsses. The pper ims to review nd expnd on topics discussed, prticulrly s they relte to the British school context in mong pstorl students. Reching ntionl consensus on school bullying represents significnt chllenge tht will require blncing needs cross reserchers, eductors, nd public policy mkers. Whtever the effectiveness of specific bully prevention progrms, the ntionl effort to minimize the negtive effects of bullying will need to ddress fundmentl mtters relted to the definition of school bullying nd the trnsltion of best reserch prctices into public policy nd eductionl prctice t the school site level. I suggest tht clrity on mtters of definition is of the utmost importnce. First, it is needed for the scientific purpose of hving precision in wht is being studied. ...
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Current pper provides n overview of emotionl prevention techniques to del with bullying in the school of pstorl type. Highlights of this specil issue on bullying re presented. The compendium of reserch reviewed nd dt presented set the stge for future reserch to ttend to issues of definition, mesurement, longitudinl methodology, prevention/intervention, policy, nd recognition of importnt contexts for the occurrence nd mintennce of bullying behvior…
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