Irelands Governmental Policies on the Iris Republican Army - Essay Example

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Irelands Governmental Policies on the Iris Republican Army

Their land was confiscated and distributed amongst the British soldiers as the promised recompense.
To have a firm social and political control over the newly annexed territories, British rule adopted a unique policy of 'plantation' of settlers from England, Wales and Scotland, with far-reaching consequences. All classes of settlers brought their kith and kin to Ireland banishing the native Catholic population into the mountains. The Protestant settler thus marginalized Catholic Irish Nationalists and grew into the majority community mainly in Northern Ireland. In about 65 years the Catholic population was reduced to almost a quarter (Appendix 'A') 2. The end result was foisting a foreign community on the northern parts of Ireland, which spoke a different language, represented an alien culture and way of life who enforced repugnant land laws. With the partition of the island in 1921 Ulster became a Protestant dominated area while the rest of the island was having Catholic majority. This created the 'triple minority' scenario (Cunningham 9) 3, a verdant ground for social conflicts. The native Catholics found themselves a minority in the newly created Northern Ireland, while Protestants turned into a minority in the Republic of Ireland as a whole. ...
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More than a century after the Norman Conquest of England, Henry II of England started his campaign to annex Ireland (Darby) 1. He succeeded in establishing control in a small area around Dublin. In the seventeenth century during the reign of Queen Elizabeth military conquest of Ireland was almost complete except the principal northern province of Ulster…
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